Stack Exchange Goes Mobile

Or... "Putting A Giant Website Onto A Tiny Phone"

Kasra Rahjerdi - Mobile Team Lead / @jc4p

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Mobile = More intimate user experience.

A Brief History

  • Q1 2013 - Initial work on Android and iOS starts
  • July 2013 - Android alpha testing starts
  • January 2014 - Android launch!
  • February 2014 - iOS alpha testing starts
  • April 2014 - iOS launch!

Our Process

Listen to your users.

Lessons Learned

Android is pretty neat.

It's okay to be elitist.

Android 4.0 and above.

iOS 7 only.

Functionality testing > Unit testing

  • Android: Robotium
  • iOS: KIF
  • All running on AppThwack

Ask for feedback, not annoyingly.

Ask for feedback, not annoyingly.

Killer Features

  • Content discovery
  • Instant feedback

What makes your app unique and useful?


Any questions?

Keep in touch: / @jc4p